Total Hard Wax 10lb Bucket of Beads

"Great quality, it's super elastic, doesn't break and can be applied super thin. I'll definitely be ordering again!"

- Karina, Texas

"I have tried many waxes over my ten year career so far and WaxOne tops them all. WaxOne has been the easiest to work with. Client's love it. It does not break or crack. It left the skin smooth, soft, and with no reactions. WaxOne is the standard at our Shoppe.

- Heather, New York

The Total Hard Wax from WaxOne is the best wax I’ve used compared to others. It’s easier to work with and apply on the skin. It doesn’t break either. It also takes out way more hair than when using other brands. Not to mention the pre and post waxing products are a plus as well. The pre wax is more of a liquid consistency so you don’t have to worry about any possible residue that may be left on the skin compared to other pre-waxes. The post wax oil smells heavenly and definitely leaves the skin looking soft & supple. The huge difference with the Total wax altogether is that it dries faster, so you definitely don’t have to wait for a long period of time for it to set on the skin. Overall it’s a 1000/1000 for me!

- Rickell, South Carolina