WaxOne Total Hard Wax, Quickset, 10lb bags, 10lb buckets

Total Hard Wax 10lb Bucket of Beads

"Great quality, it's super elastic, doesn't break and can be applied super thin. I'll definitely be ordering again!"

- Karina, Texas

"I have tried many waxes over my ten year career so far and WaxOne tops them all. WaxOne has been the easiest to work with. Client's love it. It does not break or crack. It leaces the skin smooth, soft, and with no reactions. WaxOne is the standard at Feather Wax Shoppe."

- Heather, New York

"This Wax is amazing! I have used others in the past, but this has the best price and consistency. I am able to do legs, brazilians, underarms, and brows with zero problems. It picks up hairs with the first strip, I was super impressed."

- Alex, Las Vegas